Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Felt Quite a Professional Person This Morning! :) I can now read blood pressures! :D

I woke up at five to prepare for the interview of a Psychiatrist for our Broadcast Journalism Finals project. That was one of the rare times when I willed myselt to wake that early for school reasons. Well, I used to do that when I was in Elementary and High School and in first and second year college but not anymore since the earliest class that I have now is eight am.
Anyway, so there I was arriving at 7:25 am, five minutes early for the agreed meeting time of 7:30 am "sharp". But then I guess you know by now what happened that is why I'm putting this down here. So I'll just explain for my groupmates. At around 7:31 I texted Meysil and told her about the supposed agreement but told her too that I would understand if she would be late since she'll be the one to bring the camera. Chuck Smith arrived at around 7:35 and explained that he was waiting for Yas at her dorm and the person there told him that no one was answering form her dorm. So Chuck texted Yas and told her that we're there at the Faculty of Arts and Letters Pavilion. (Naka na! Tomasino nga ito at taga AB!). She arrived after about 2 miniutes and later they want to get Meysil. They arrived at part 8 already without Meysil but they brought her camera so off we went. The letter I wrote the previous night for Ma'am Rivera was placed in Yas's bag and later I gave to the people at the Tomas Acquinas Research Center Department of Cultural Studies after we came from the re-scheduled interview with the Psychiatrist, before which we entered the wrong Starbucks branch along West Avenue and asked the wrong person if he were the person we're looking for. Wahahahah! fun...

But it's ok, at least I learned that I have the guts to do such (the writing the letter thing and leaving it for the person whom you know by now, if you know what I mean) and that I proved to myself that I can be as determined to do what needs to be done even when at the end of the day obstacles appeared and belated its immediate fulfillment.

Estoy alegre! It's now 1:30 pm sharp and I'm to meet another group for Sports Journalism this time! :D Wee! I HOPE that things'll get better and I'll have the interviews that I need.

My aunt needs constant checking for her blood pressure that was why, last Sunday, a nurse/nursing student taught me, in less than ten minutes, to read the blood pressure meter/monitor (if that's what it's called. :D). I learned and was soon trying it out on people at home. :D
Cheers! :D


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