Friday, August 26, 2005

A Tribute To My Aunt Pacita.

I feel uncomfortable not feeling that bad right now as I think I'm naturally supposed to be.

My Dad’s elder sister, auntie Pacita, died this afternoon at around 5 p.m. I’ll not give details on all that happened except that she's been bedridden for months now after having that stroke. I’m putting this down to recognize her. I remember her as a nice gracious lady who gives a big hug every time we see her. Well, not that we saw her a lot since they live in Zamboanga. But the few times we did saw her she was always like that. I remember her kissing us with that characteristic inhale while hugging us tightly.

Don’t think for a little second that I’m putting these down because I’m part of that bandwagon who recognize people only when they’re dead, saying all the good things about them. If you do then give the dignity people deserve and stop reading this right now. Better you read other blogs.

So as I was saying…

Well, it’s… I feel uncomfortable with the way I feel.

I have another aunt, this time from my mother’s side and she’s just had two operations. She’s been transferred from the Kidney Center to East Avenue Medical Center.
I came home, my brother told me about auntie Pacita, I was too deaf to hear auntie and mistook it for ate. Then I came in the house, Dad was sitting, nagmano ako, and then he told me. At that moment I was thinking WHAT?! Then I was thinking how, or what is/was the magnitude, my father was feeling/thinking right then. Well, he told me important things.

Right now I feel, well. It’s really very discomforting.

Tell the people you love that you love them and make it more effective by expressing it in actions.

Auntie Pacita, wherever you are, I'm sorry it might be late to say this now but, we love you.


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