Monday, August 08, 2005

Present Contradictions

I feel bored right now but at the same time I wanted to say/type something because there's a lot to say about a lot of things.

I've been thinking that the heart's a traitor and that it does sometimes contradict what you wanted to happen or what you think, at present, you wanted to happen and then because of the contradiction brought up by the heart you end up wondering if what you think you want is what you really want.

I was awake until around past 5 am this early morning because I've been reading Harry Potter book 5. (Yeah, gasp and say "Huh? Book 5 palang?!" well I had many chances to read the book last year but I want able to. But then, why should I tell it here... maybe I wanted this put here.) That was a rarity because I dont even stay awake just to read reading assignments. But, for Harry Potter, I will.

Hum about politics... (skip if you want. :D)
The president chose not to say that "Yes. It is my voice on the tapes." because it'll be political suicide. Well, not that previous actions weren't but directly saying, confirming, that "it is indeed mine" might prove too much. Or maybe, just maybe, ALL the people would forgive and try to forget. But this is the real world, so what I mentioned in the previous sentence might just be blah. Then there's also one point that I was thinking. Not confirming whatever it is that people are wondering about will keep a number, maybe a significant number, of the people to just keep wondering about it. That feeling of 'not being able to quite put your finger on it'. That little percent of not being 101% sure because there's no BLATANT confirmation from the supposed sourve of all the fuss. Well, we knew she said sorry and all that blah blah we all know and previously talked about but then at present, people are already thinking about moving on and, maybe to a little degree, think that all of this were not true and that we can all move on like nothing have happened. THAT would be very very convenient not just for all of us but most af all from the person/people concerned. With more pressing personal problems on the micro level we're facing at the moment.

Like for example mine for example: I have to make a VO for my Broadcast Journalism class that would serve as my Prelimenary Examination and it's deadline would be on uh August 23, I think (better check from Yahoo! Groups). And there's that 500 word column assignment for Sports Journalism. Both courses under the same professor, Ma'am Marie Mamawal, (tongue twistery ain't it!) the uh former Executive Producer of Vice President Noli de Castro's Magandang Gabi Bayan. At least I finnished typing the 1500 word feature article this afternoon for Sports JRN. Now at least that made things feel lighter for me. :D

que sera sera
what ever will be will be.

Masarap mabuhay at lalong sumasarap kung pipiliin ang maging maligaya. Hindi lang yung mababaw at walang laman na hahaha, pero minsan mabuti rin naman yun, kundi yung may kabuluhan at may buhay na ligaya.

naalala ko tuloy sa pilosopo Tasyo...

Sorry to those who can't understand Filipino. But what am I saying sorry for anyway. There might not even be a single person as of now that might have read this and can't understand Filipino considering that most of the people who read my blog are those that I know.

Or do I?
Now I'm wondering after I put that down.


There are a lot to say about a lot things that right now I'm putting down that as a human being I'm glad that those people inside the previously trapped mini submarine are now safe but as a Filipino observer of international thingies (:D) I feel quite um... uneasy that Russia has to ask for foreign help o fix that. Well atleast 7 people are alive now unlike 5 years ago when Russia didn't ask for help when a Nuclear sub of theirs had an accident and killed 100+ submariners.

Hey people who are fond of watching Korean soaps! I think I know something that has somehow to do with the almost omnipresence of the CEO-or-President-of-the-company character of Korean soaps and the portrayal of their role as the one who, like in real life, has to do the hard decisions.
There was a tragic accident that happened in Seoul where a 5-storey mall's south wing collapsed and killed 501 people. What happened was negligence and greed by the CEO that's why he was sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years (only). Hum, think about the stigma that has to the former CEO at sa kanyang pamilya at mga kamag anak. (I chose to put that phrase in Filipino so that, far-fetched it might be, I can uh lessen[?] the effect.) In the accident btw there is a woman, who'se surname is Park, that survived for 17 days under all the rubble. One crucial factor they say is that she didnt have the correct sense of time then and thought the whole time that she was only trapped for 4-5 days only. Imagine! :D Hay... I hope more peole have watched that in the Discovery Channel.

Ooooh... Long post... And to think I'm bored... kanina! :D

Hay... a lot more can be said but then... it's 10 pm and I gotta go home now. :D (though I wasnt originally thinking about that but that will do. :D )



Anonymous Erin said...

Tama nga ang hindi masyadong pag-iisip o pagiging pessimistic or reactive (may salita bang ganoon?). Oo nga pala, isa ka talagang intellectual. Ang galing.

9:38 AM, August 12, 2005  

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