Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sign of the Times.

I was in my room when my brother arrived from school and brought with him his dance mates. They're supposed to practice at our house since it's the one nearest.
I stayed in my room not wanting to be seen by HS people. Ack! Wierd... considering that I was once a HS person myself. (check out the repeatedly redundant sentence. Ahahahahah!) Ohum.

Then I finally decided to come out of my burrow and suffer looking at and being looked at by those HS people. I cant stop my self from producing a nervous grin. Darn. Composure slipping away... in front of them... in our house! Tsk.

When they all left and, hours later, we were about to sleep I had a realization...

So this is how those people may have felt then when we visited their homes for dance practices. I am pertaining to the kuyas and ates of my classmates in HS.

And that led to another realization...

From the words of my brother when I told him the issue:

"You're old."

That was evening of July 20 yesterday.



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hi...just passin by!!! Nice blog!!

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