Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Political Cry of an "Insignificant", but Socially Conscious, Civilian.

No to military government.
No to prolonged agony.
Madame President, please, be a leader and step down. You’re an economist, and from an economic perspective at least, you know what all these is doing to our country, to every family. Don’t wait until the inevitable comes when the AFP, for the third time in contemporary history, withdraw its support for the highest leader in the nation. Don’t wait for a bloody revolution that the most of us, for the time being, are not opting for. Please, the nation is showing signs of maturity already, let’s not go to the point where we would have to start from scratch again.


Here is how I originally started my post. However, as I was typing, the aforementioned just got out and I decided to put it at the top and put that kind of title. Btw, thanks to sir Chua, I was given an new way to look at important issues.

I was thinking on discussing here what was taught to us by our Lawyer Taxation Professor for almost 3 hours. However, that would take too much of my time and I was originally planning on playing Command And Conquer Generals.
He taught us about the intricate connection between the economy and the government and gave me, and my classmates I strongly believe, a new perspective on how to look at the government and it’s present grave condition and the vital role of media on national affairs.
Bottom line, and one of the lessons I can think of from all these, is always consider the real intention before taking an action. Now, that may sound puzzling or far fetched but it’s what I can think of for now… so… there.
Maybe when I have the luxury of time, I’ll discuss it here. For the mean time maybe you guys may want to check out my friends’ blogs. They may discuss it there. :D
I didn’t want de Castro to take over if, I now hope, Gloria resigns but after the lecture, I was, well, inclined, not brainwashed, to want him taking over the President’s seat.


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