Monday, July 04, 2005

Celebrate Life!!!

I decided this morning that no weather can completely dampen my good mood and that I should celebrate life. Life should be celebrated. :D


What do to do when you really want to blog?
Regardless of the time, go ahead and blog. :D Buy a Misterdonut and go straight to the net shop.
So here are my thoughts while at the jeepney:
I was seated at the back of the fx on my way to Taft Ave. There in front of me were a mother and her 3-yr-old toddler girl.
I didn’t immediately notice them at first but then I did. The little girl looked somewhat like Matet, during her childhood. I cant help but keep on looking at her, and sometimes at her mother, discreetly. :D

She’s so cute and bibo and energetic and inquisitive and her way of pronouncing words were like thrwi for three and puyis for police among other things. And AH! She’s so cute. One thing only was that her left shoe(?) keeps on hitting my right shoe. But thankfully her mother minds and tells her cute daughter to be careful with her feet. I can understand the relative restlessness then. If I were her age, I would have been more restless being made to sit that long.
Some of my thoughts then were: "omg… napapangiti ako…" "That’s right little girl, listen to what Mamma says and don’t step on the shoe." "Omg… this reminds me of that show where my senses went haywire when the Cambodian baby boy said ‘Dadda’." "wahhh! Ang cute! Thrwi!" "Omg… I can only imagine how it would feel to hear a baby’s first word/s. ‘Dadda!’ Ack!"
And when we were near the Makati fire station, there she goes standing and holding on to the fx’s door while her mother tries to sit her down.(ß tama ba?) And I thought then, "Don’t worry Momma, I’ll guard the door handle."
Then, as I thought, they get got off when we arrived at the City Hall.
Hay… bye little girl! :D


My kind of reaction to this kind of situation may mean some things. And one of them is, maybe, a natural inclination to like the little ones. And that maybe uh… (drumrolls!!!) (drumrolls!) (and more drumrolls!!!) uh… well… maybe you got the idea. :)

My friends and I went out of the St. Raymond’s building and after walking for a while, I realized that the present weather is how I want it to be most of the time. The humidity is low, but the air wasn’t too dry. The air was cool like it was in the day time. No rain. Everything’s juuust right.

I hope that things get more decent with my tagboard. Because lately some unwanted and very unexpected things were happening. Ok… please tb, now, let’s be civilized here… please don’t gross out my friends… Please…
Btw, the cheers part neither mean that I’m a drunkard nor an alcoholic, just to make things clear. :D


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