Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

I'm proud of myseld for having watched, twice, this masterpiece yesterday. :D
Watch it too people!!! ^____^
Why I like Star Wars:
  • I watched every single episode since I was younger.
  • It makes me think and not just be fed by the movie's details like a mindless blob.
  • Makes me reflect.
  • It's the first movie that I watched twice in a row in a movie theater.
  • Star Wars, it is.

After planning to watch it before it was even shown weeks before, I finally went with Mela after the enrollment to watch it. And since we havent seen the first five minutes of the movie I decided to go back, after Mela got her ride, and watch the scene we missed, which led to watching the whole movie all over again. Eheheheheh! And it was GOOD!!! ^___^

Good because I can watch it alone and I was able to be more emotionally open without worrying of being seen (:D); and, after watching it for the first time I can repeat MOST of the lines while watching it the second time. ^__^ Plus I got to know some little vital details that I, quite reasonably, wasnt able to notice and know, through the conversations of the ladies just behind me.

*SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!* Details like the relation of the two important characters that were adopted to their foster parents and their foster parents' names and why Padme Amidala looked the way she looked when she was already back in Naboo. *END OF SPOILER HERE!*

Hay... While watching it I went through another knowing-what-might-happen-next-and-why-and-urging-to-tell-the-person-beside-me but I stoped myself thinking that I shouldnt ruin the experience for them, her.So there. Stop reading this post and watch Star Wars!


Blogger lost soul said...

i've been ringing the numbers you've been using but nobody does acknowledge. nasaang lupain ka na ba? i've been meaning to ask you a favor eh.ü i swear it doesn't require mutilation of body parts. hehe! punta ka sa bahay and collect 3 letters and 2 cds. there's an envelope with your name written on it, please do read it. i wrote it in throes of passion. joke! nyahaha! wala, it contains the full and unedited directions for the thorough accomplishment of the aforementioned favor. hehe. (ur my sassy girl cd is with me here in iloilo, it's strange but i dunno how that thing got into my bags. it must be haunted or something. but no matter. i'll be able to return it to you come sembreak.) please?! please?! please?! i swear never to ask for another favor from you ever again. hehe.ü

i miss you. i love you.ü


6:20 PM, June 10, 2005  

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