Monday, May 23, 2005

For the past days here in Solano.

For the past few days here, up to yesterday, I was(?) really so in F*BLEEP!*K MODE!
*Think 40 Days.*


The weather here is almost as hot as in Manila but the good part is that you can expect most of the afternoons to be relatively cool and windy if not with the occasional rain like now. On one of my first afternoons here I said, "Wow... Sana ganito rin sa Manila."

Alam niyo ba na lagi kong gustong magblog. As in almost everytime when something happens I think of how I would put it here right that very moment. But due to time constraints and some other more important things that I do, I cant. Plus the one nearest, and safest, i.e. keylock-less net shop, closes at around 6-7pm. Imagine a net shop closing at 6-7pm! Oh well, ganun talaga siguro dito. Close nga yung net shop nayun ngayon lang for renovation. TY nga lang sa dun dahil pinag-extend kami ng bro for free for 30 mins before closing at 7:30.

So there... Di na pala ganun ka sure kung tuloy kami for Ifugao... Major obligations life ahead and Mommmy cant just leave to go with us to Mayoyao. I'm not willing to go ahead, alone, anyway and, I guess, so is my bro. Wala rin naman masyadong mangyayari dun ngayon dahil tapos na ang fiesta at kakatapos lang ng major engrandeng kasal nung lawyer at doctora last week. The doctora came from one of the most financially capable family there, btw. Nagmistula nga raw fiesta yung pueblo e. Not that I dare consider here that other weddings in Mayoyao as small timers because before you consider celebrating a wedding in my Mother's hometown, you have to put in mind that most from the local populace, and more likely from nearby towns, depending on the economic status of the couple, will attend. The same goes for wakes and other special occations.

Oh... I'll miss the cool fresh greeny air there! Argh! Gusto kong pumunta sa Mayoyao!!!

*Mayoyao, Mayoyao, I'll keep comming back to Mayoyao! There's no place like Mayoyao!*

After putting all these down, I know I might still not get enough and wonder if I have put down all that I want to put down.

I still havent finished Uncle Tom's Cabin, the book that inspired Jose Rizal to write his Noli Me Tangere. I've gopne past the middle and I'm loving it more and more, only I cant help but feel really bad because I predict that something really very bad and heart wrenching will happen in the story... *sigh*

Take care all you people! God bless!



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