Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here in Solano. :D

I opened my eyes while I was in Manila one morning this month, looked at the calendar, and gasped. It’s only a few moths before I turn 20! I was surprised not only because I again realized that I’ll not be in my teen years anymore but also because I noticed how strongly I reacted to the realization, considering that I just woke up.

So anyway, blah blah. the opening implies that while I'm putting this down, I'm not in Manila.

It’s my first day for this year to be here in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya and everything started great. :D Imagine arriving at around 5 in the morning and be greeted warmly by family members. My bro and I caught up on things after being apart for more than 1 ½ months. (Yeah, talk about brotherly love. I can almost strangle myself for putting this down.)

(Darn super snail speed net connection. Good thing I’m putting this down this time on WORD. Can’t easily open multiple sites. Cant even open my blog well.)

So there. I am here at the net shop because this morning I was planning to blog down all that happened so far to this moment. :D

Before taking a bath I heard my Mom’s “Khalakhalom kehn kun mun-amoh.” (Please hurry up with your bath, ok.)

Then a few minutes later, with the help and permission of my *BLEEP!*, I tried using the made-in-France fingerprint scanner connected to *BLLEP!*’s pc and as I place my right pointing finger I said, “Wow. Parang sa CSI.” (“O M G ! This is soooo way COOL! Just like those things they use on CSI!!!”) and the person who’s instructing me replied with, “Yan din yung sinabi sa seminar namin. Na kung napapanood din naming yung sa CSI, ganyan yung ginagamit.”

And btw, I have gained temporary access on something that allowed me to pry in to any Filipino’s personal info. But only as long as… that person is… eheheheheh.

Hay… the boon of being allowed by people from relatively high places…
But I’m not saying that… oh well, nuf with this. *enter Kerokeropi smile* ^_________^

I was able to eat a pinch of the longest tupig ever made a few hours ago for a world record here in Solano! Yey! A pinch will do for me considering that we came to few-footsteps-away highway where the tupig was cooked. I’m thankful enough because, imagine, I had a taste of (an undercooked part of) the worlds longest tupig ever made (so far).

But before all this, before my bath, I had my much needed haircut and, as usual, my Mom did the cutting. So my hair’s relatively shorter now.

I accompanied my Mom to do the grocery and imagine my happiness when I found C2 here. C2 in Solano is great considering C2-less Mercury Drug grocery stores in Manila. :D

I played Battle Realms again after all the ages that passed! YEY! At last, Battle Realms again!!!
But darn this net shop. It's such a hassle to cgange form one pc to another just because their damned pc cant open Yahoo!mail and blog properly. Screw them.

Right now though I’m hoping that blogger opens correctly so I can put this post. If you do read this I may have finally managed to post this.
Oh well, I’m not so sure when I’ll be in Ifugao but once I get there, I dunno, first of all, we’ll visit my very ill lola, the younger sister of my Mom’s Mom.

*sigh* atleast now, I'm directly typing on blog. Oh well, there are lots more better things in life than to revel in the un/conscious mistake/s of strangers who are supposed to give you quality goods and services.


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