Saturday, April 23, 2005

Seconds of Exposure.

Quoted from a piece of paper that I wrote on.

10:35 pm, April 21, 2005
The World Tonight, ABS-CBN News Channel

OMG! I saw myself on TV!!! (Carmela and Bdet were there too!) Ahahaha!...


Well, they showed the line were I said, "Nagiging tampulan po ng tukso." Carmela was shown saying, "For hygenic purposes." And Bdet was quoted when she said, and this is the best part, "ma*BLEEP* raw po yun. Kasi may s*BLEEP*."
Hay... Talk about 5 seconds of exposure(?). Well, atleast, on cable tv shown in other parts of the world. Ack! (OMG. Bdet. Hahahaha!!!)


Hay... at least even though we failed to see it on channel 2's INSIDER, by some stoke of luck I saw it on ANC. We futilely waited for it to be shown on TV Patrol that same day we were interviewed by Melo del Prado.
Sayang nga lang dahil naubos ang load ko at di ko maitext kila Mela at Bdet at iba pang piling tao.


(My food for thought: It pays to plan what to say, having heard what has already been said and anticipated what would probably be mentioned. Haha. :D)

That's the end of my quote. :D
Some details were ommited or substituted with another term due to its graphic nature while the bleeps were substituted by me to aid in the protection of a reputation. *winks to Bdet* Ahahahahah!

Hay... the perks of having the OJT in a media office. :D
Itinagalog ko nalang itong inilagay ko na ito para di maka-offend ng mas marami:
Nakita niyo ba si Uncle Fester sa lungsod na kung saan siya ay inihalal sa isang makapangyarihang posisyon kailan lang.
*kindat kindat*
Patawad sa komento ko. Alam kong ang binanggit ko ay masama. Sana naman ay mapatawad ako ng mga mao-offend sa ginawa ko.


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