Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Pope, The Prince, The Philippines, And Me.

Lots of things have happened this week.

Me, together with Bdet and Carmela were on our way back to the WPD Headquarters after we had our lunch when we saw activists settling themselves in front of the WPD HQ.
We went straight to the Media Office and reported to our trainor, Ma'am Mia, and asked what we could do. She told us to have some quotes from the activists. We went out, listened to their grievances through their megaphone, saw Satur Ocampo 2 feet away(Wow. That was like close encounter.), recieved press releases from the activists, and wrote down what we thought would be important for the news.

The news that our trainor wrote wasnt published. Oh well.

At least we had another unique experience. We learned some inside story that the public dont see and hear from the news that they recieve from the media. Things like that happened like how the activists were dispersed. Oh yeah, that one was mentioned by one of the activist leaders in an interview with a radio reporter while we were all in one room. And there was one UST communication arts graduate who was recording a report while we were in the same room too. Yey. Talk about being among people who work for print and braodcast media and watch them do it live.
The activists btw were there to condemn the violent dispersal made by the WPD Malate Police earlier that day. The activists organized themselves in front of the Malate church to condemn the recent killing of a priest in Tarlac, plus the killing of other activists, and journalists. Remember Hacienda Luisita. Yeah, that may be the reason for the killing.
I watched on CNN and BCC the recorded funeral rites before The Pope was buried. Rest in Peace our dear Pope John Paul II. May the College of Cardinals choose a suitable sucessor.***
to be continued...


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