Thursday, March 24, 2005

All in one afternoon.

We went to Global City, Taguig this afternoon.
We walked and ran around. Discovered some curious things about the area and took pictures.

It gave me the chance to unwind and have some quiet moments with myself. You know, being in the open, windy, and grassy (though browned by the summer) field of Global City in the afternoon does that to me evrytime I go there.

The afternoon went well--- the sun was warm, moon can already be seen (it'll be a Full Moon on Saturday! :D ), the wind was strong enough to blow our hair (and dust into our eyes from time to time), had the chance to apply what I learned from Photojrn on my companions who are ready to have their picture taken, familiar faces were there (bro saw his computer teacher and a jogging Onemig Bondoc), and people were flying kites.

WARNING!!! If you cant stomach soft details from CSI, dont read further.

Yeah, it went well alright until we saw in one area of GC on our way home a chunk of a motorcycle on a sidewalk, Policemen, the yellow "do not cross" Police line, and a dead man's body belly down with his face tilted on one side. (Sorry to my bro bec I asked him how the man was exactly positioned.)

Now, it's safe to resume reading from here.


Tsk. Tsk. I dont want to just say this but I'll go on anyway--- Poor man. Poor person who got hit by/hit the mortorcycle.

We arrived home safe and sound.


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