Saturday, March 12, 2005

It's difficult to post deep-seated very sensitive and very personal issues on my blog. I have tons of things that I have in mind, that go on in my life, etc. that I dont have the courage to tell personally or the courage to post here. It's because of the people involved and the issue/s that it might contain.

There are plenty f things that I keep to myself. Things that I dont feel like it's right to tell. But it feels difficult having to keep it to myself, carry it alone and not tell anybody, having the possibility of risking myself being expose to unwanted attention or my issues being told to unwanted audience.

And the worse that can happen is that when you do tell, you will be (maybe) taken lighly. The person told not being able to fully understand the true magnitude of the issue.

But then, you dear reader may not care at all anyway. So go on, stop, and read other blogs.

I'm hungry and I have to go find something to eat. Ack. I'm late by 15 minutes and counting for my last Art Appreciation class.


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