Monday, March 07, 2005

Havent made any update lately

Been too busy. Been to lazy. (Not news actually.)

I want to post something almost all the time but then I can't because of several facrtors: I'm at home doing something and can't go out, I'm at home doing nothing and just too lazy to go out, the day's too scorchingly hot for me to go out, or, it's way too late at 12 midnight for me to go out.


That is why I write down some of my posts-to-be!!! Ingenious eh! :D

Here is one of those:

What makes a good poem?
S/He who made it?
Or him/her/it that
It was made for?
O diba! Amateuric! Yaan niyo na. :P Minsan lang yan!
Hay... malapit na ang "bakasyon"... may double quotation marks kasi may OJT pa tayong lahat na mga Journ students! Wahhhh!!!


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