Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A quite bad thing that happened at the Recollection at the UST Seminary

I just came from the Recollection me and my batchmates had a while ago.

It became a chance for me to open a up (at least to a single person) the biggest hurt in me today.
It's so secret that I can't write it down here. Only a few of the privileged few knew about it. :D
It would have been better, I think, if there were some who would've just participated more, like me, meaning I should've participated more, but all in all it was an effectie recollection.

My only um... regret? was that I wasnt able to keep my cool when I faced our theoretical framework. I just had my confession then, as in just had it not more than 2 minutes ago then, when I learned that one definition is wrong in the Operationl Definition of Terms in the Thesis. That was fine with me because, with the help of Abi, I was able to finally give a correct definition. But then, another thing happened. One term still haven't got a definition that it was supposed to have last night. *fuming... then*So I was at the verge of my patience already. I gave it some thought and v o i l a ... instant definition.

I was quite pissed off then since I was thinking that, first, I'm in a recollection and I want to unwind for atleast the remaing hour from the measly 7 1/2 hours that was alloted for our recollection and then something like that happens. Second, I did MY part and yet some parts still arent there and *it just dawned on me just right now* am I still the one supposed to do that?! Why do I have to see/know/to be told that that definition still wasnt done. But I did that one definition anyway so there's not much issue here. Oh yeah there still is... I was thinking I felt bad that I slightly lost my temper there. I mean, I shouldn't have gone through that, the emotionally challenging experience and all, being in the recollection and all that.

I guess, un/fortunately, some things just arent under our control.


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