Saturday, February 19, 2005

Today is the typical tamad day. *types the keyboard s l o w l y. . .*


I dont know if it's because of the pasta that I ate (rich in carbs) and made me full, the weather (quite hot with occasional breeze), the APP prof who left and said he'll be back in 20 mins which never happened (must've died while he's on the way. Joke(?). He's on a Defence.), the Filipino class that was canceled today, or it may just be that I'm embodying Juan Tamad today.


I sure hope that I'll be back to my giddy self before Ria and I do the Theoretical Framework of our Thesis...

Hum... I think I'm coming back to my giddy self now.

*types a little bit faster*

Last night and this morning I've read part of the theories that we selected and I was really beggining to be more interested in what I was doing. I realized that I was found the "getting to doing it" that was hard not the "doing it" itself. I've heard/read/seen something like this before and how true it is to what happened to me today.


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