Saturday, February 05, 2005


Thanks to yahoogroups, me and my classmates can enjoy all the hillarity that Art can share! Hillarious? Imagine me sitting inside the library who happens to read mails and find the joke mails of Art. I was coveing my mouth with my rag the whole time to avoid creating too much noise. (and not to look more stupid than I already do. [look stupid while suppressing the laughter I mean.])

Anyway... *sighs*

That was some hearty laugh!

Anyway, I would just like to use this blog to vent my frustrations.


1. I can't see, hug, and... I can't be with my SO last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week... on VALENTINES?! WTF!

2. Other Sun subscribers choose my time of the day/night when I need/have/want/ought to talk to Kitin the most and cause the network to flood with their stupid calls and thus, I cant make a connection with her! *uck!

3. I just cant seem to have enough time for everything! (Welcome to college, Brent!)
Can't watch enough TV, can't hear enough music on the radio, can't (almost) sleep enough, can't have enough talk with Kitin on the phone!

4. Can't post regularly on my blog.

5. Can't be with my family all the time. (gotta go to school and all that.)

6. Can't stay too long because I gotta go home now. Bye.



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