Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sun SIM, PDA, Oprah

I learned something new today.
The possibility that people will tag your tagboard increases if you add posts regularly. (duh!)

I'll post something today that I should have posted days ago but wasnt able to do so. (Reason: was too busy with academic stuffs)

I got my Sun Cellular SIM last Saturday! (# will be disclosed upon individual request. eeheeheeh)

After I finished my Dynamics of Philippine Politics Prelim exam, I was thinking that I deserve a reward so I went with Ria to SM city manila when she asked me to accompany her. I had spare money so I was thinking about spending it when we get there. Ria was planning to buy a Sun SIM.

While were on the short but S L O W queue to buy hers, we were having a little chat like we always do, topics on the Gokongweis owning the Sun Cellular, the Sun posters, Robinson's Galleria, and Summit Media (where we're planning to have an OJT) and some other topics.

When Ria was next in line, she suggested that I buy a SIM too. I said, "Kung bibili ako, magsisisi ba ako? Hindi." and I added, "Kung hindi ako bibili, magsisisi ba ako? Hindi rin." After I said those, she noticed that there was something posted on the casheir's booth and it said: two sim cards per transaction.

How's that for a "sign". So Ria and me left with our own new SIM cards.

Something funny happened while we were while we were going down the escalator. On the other side there was this pair who smacked. (a.k.a. pecked, kissed, etc) and after three seconds, around four steps bahind the PDA pair, another pair kissed. (Actually, this time, the guy kissed the girl on the cheek.)
From this observation a derive an assumption that the second pair, after seeing the first pair do their thing, followed the example of the first. All this on the escalator of SM manila.
Hum... a lot of interesting things happen. You just have to be observant enough to notice.
The new SIM proves useful. My significant other can now call me anytime. (Talk about role reversal!) Ahahahahaha! :D Love you hon!
BTW, people, did you know that Oprah Winfrey is a Billionaire? She's practically the same caliber as Lucio Tan, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II, and Henry Sy. Oh well. :)


Blogger lost soul said...

at least, they didn't make out.
nyahaha! then it dawned on me.
iloilo isn't called the city of love
for nothin. ho hum.
nyaks. may kasalanan ka saken.
harrassment yun ah. nyahaha!
be safe always. *hugs*
i like hugs more than kisses and make outs.

2:58 PM, February 01, 2005  

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