Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Full Moon Crazies(?) and Academics

You may have heard this before: Strange phenomena happen during a full moon.

I think yesterday wasnt a full moon but then it looked like one so I just thought that there might just be a connection with that with what I have observed yesterday evening.

What happened was while I was walking with Ria Hazel somewhere along Recto on our way home, I heard an ambulance. Then when I was already at Pedro Gil near the queue for the FX, there was another ambulance. Then at around 11:30 while I was in bed (almost) ready to sleep, I heard, yes, another ambulance.

Strange huh? I think so too. I just seemed to happen too often for me consider it all a coincidence.

Or maybe that's what all that happened are, just coincidences.

Oh well, the fact is, the Moon, together with the stars in the almost cloudless sky, was wonderful last night as, I expect, it will be tonight.


I was so relieved to know that Chap 1 of our thesis was ok except for some very minor revisions. (Yehey!) I was quite happy to know that I got an 89 (darn. it could have been 90.) in my Spanish prelims since I wasnt really expecting to get that grade. Not that I dont aspire for something better because I obviously do.
I'm also happy baecause we already have taken some pictures for our seven deadly sins photojournlism project. (btw, we have to make a haiku for each pic.)
Oops! Gotta go now! We still have three more deadly sins to shoot!


Anonymous Christian said...

imakid heart, I was just passing by on my search for things about Jewish on
the Net, and dropped in on your blog. I was looking for stuff for my Jewish site. Not
sure that your blog was exactly what I needed, but I enjoyed my visit all the same.

7:25 AM, November 25, 2005  

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