Sunday, January 23, 2005

My friend's father died yesterday. I dont wanna tell anything more than that.

I watched Shaider on GMA7 a while ago and Im telling you, Shaider still havent lost it when it comes to entertainment value! Atleast for me who was a former religious follower of the show when I was a young lad...(actually at 19, I still am..)
I was sitting there in front of the tv and WOW! . Watching Shaider in his full battle gear (with all the shining effects and stuff!), was, well, nothing short euphoric.
Have anybody noticed the night sky lately?
It was unusually clear, almost cloudless, and the stars seem more visible. The moon was bright too last night btw.
For the people in the Kadayawan festival right now, the nights must have been wonderful, with the clear starry skies and parties going on.
Oh well, the prelims is almost over, with only Dynamics of Philippine Politics left to review. Argh! If only that subject were easy.


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