Monday, January 17, 2005

Children sans Husband?

Yesterday I heard some of our women neighbors talking among themselves. I know it's sort of rude to listen to other people's conversation but I was at the terrace so I cant help but hear them talking so I listened anyhow.

One quite "young" mother, she's still in her 20s I think, said "that kahit walang asawa basta may anak."

I wasnt too puzzled or wondered too much about what she said but then I would like to ask you this question: Ladies, would you prefer to have one or both (husband and/or child/children)?

Thanks to all who might read this! :D Thank you very much to all who would leave a comment! :P


Blogger /iambrew said...

I am not a lady but I'd like to leave a comment anyhu...

I don't really like little kids and I don't think I'll ever be married to a guy or a girl for that matter... So I'm choosing nothing. I'll have plenty of friends though... hahahaha...

10:20 PM, January 17, 2005  
Blogger lost soul said...

husband without kids.
i have this theory that those who decide
to have kids are either arrogant or just plain horny-and-haven't-heard-of-contraception. why, you ask? they are arrogant enough to take into their hands a life when the don't even know what to do (or how to go through) with theirs. as for the horny thingie.. u get the picture.
come to think of it, those degerates with almost nada capacity to support kids are the ones who 'produce' the most. and a lot of people ask why the hellish status quo. it's because the world is teeming with degenerates.. (and they're still multiplying) with only a handful of brilliant ones to mind them. the brilliant ones are too busy minding the degenerates to bear kids.
talk about devolution. nyahaha!
(the nazis are right on this one: annihilate the inferior races and let the aryan prevail.) hitler was an SOB but a thinking one. i dunno which is better, a degenerate SOB or a brilliant SOB.

9:58 PM, January 18, 2005  
Blogger imakidatheart said...

Regarding the "Degenerates":
It may sound cold or pessimistic but imagine society as if it were the pyramid version of the food chain with the "degenerates" at the bottom.
Get the picture?

But then, evolution tells us that during the mass extinctionS that took place on this planet, the top predators got annihilated first.

The vertebrates were once at the bottom of the food chain, bellow the mollusks and the animals that have exoskeletons. That was when the animal kingdom belonged to the sea.

But when animals started to inhabit the land, the vertebrates rose to power, and of course, such is still the case today.

Bottomline: Those that live on the bottom have the chance to rise up the ladder (whether the food chain or socio-economic one) and be the top predator.

(My message is V A G U E regarding the "degenerates" but I think you'll understand if you understand what I mean in the succeeding statement.) :P

Regading the term "degenerates", I think it's beyond our right to call them "degenerates" just because they act, talk, and look(?) like one. It's plain old stereotyping.
And people are too multifaceted to steroetype. :D Especially if it were derogatory.

5:31 PM, January 19, 2005  
Blogger marion said...

hmm... i don't know.. having children means more responsibilities and requires more time for them, less time for yourself.. although i don't think i want to have children right now, i think it's best for the children to have fathers as well.. (and.. uhm.. i want to have a baby who doesn't grow up. lol)

10:55 AM, January 20, 2005  

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