Monday, January 17, 2005

It's Hot.

I woke up this morning at around 6 and started reviewing for my Spanish and Literature prelims. Then at 7, I ate my wonderful breakfast.

Nothing much happened... but then while I was starting to review again...

(Courtesy of the documentary I watched on TV last semester on The Discovery Channel)
The human male get a huge rush of testosterone twice in their lifetime: First, while they're still in the embryonic stage, and, second, during the onset of puberty at around 13 years old.
The human males are masculinized not by the XY gene (alone) but, more importantly, by this rush of testosterone.
There are even cases wherein the male embryo's body does not react accordingly to the rush of testosterone therefore failing to masculinize the embyo's body. Thus, the person is born and it is only sometime, maybe years later, before he (the peson still has the XY gene) matures that the learns that he is indeed male. (Like what happened to the real person featured on the Discovery documentary and also to the fictional character in one anime entitled ARJUNA. :D )
There are cases wherein the opposite happens to female human embryos.
The female human embryo gets a rush of testosterone, thus, producing a masculinized body.
So there I was reviewing for the prelims when a of sort of sudden "feeling" set in. Have you ever had that "feeling"? When all of a sudden it just kicks you and you're like this, this, person in rut.
Good luck to us all having the Prelims!!!
(I gotta go now to my Lit Test that started 10 mins ago!)


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