Thursday, February 03, 2005


Our single 30-something male boarder commited suicide last Tuesday evening at around 10pm. He was sent to Osmak, they tried to revive him, but unfortunately they werent able to. He died.

He was known to everybody, including me, as a happy person. He's the kind of those rare good guys who always look and sound happy enough and talk to a people with a smile. (Hum, that attitude reminds me of me. Btw, Im not telling/writing this because he's already dead and that the stereotypical thing to do is to say good things about a dead person. Definitely not my style.) That night he was with his father having a drink with their drinking buddies/ neighbors. At around 7:30 (ata...) he called his mother who was with his sister's house in Caloocan and he told her to come home. (Later the mother thought about calling her son and to tell him to come to Caloocan instead. But [I think] she didn't.) Later at around 9 he went home to cook for their supper...

His father came home at around 9:30 and ate supper. He noticed that the component was turned on and so was the tv. Later, he looked for his son. He went to the room were the tv was turned on. At first glance he didn't see his son, but when he turned his head toward the right, he saw him. There he was, on an almost kneeling position, motionless, his face's color was starting to darken.

The father went outside and called to the neighbors! "Ang anak ko!" He was shouting.

I was inside the house when I heard him and I thought that there was only some fight going on outside. How terribly wrong I was. Talk about untimely and fatal apathy. My mother, upon hearing someone shouting, woke up from her sleep and told us to see what's happening. She went to look outside too.

I went down, saw a tricycle just about to leave, and was told that the son of the old man commited suicide and was sent to Ospital ng Makati. So he was on that tricycle...

I, togther with an elderly male neighbor, who was one of their driking buddies, went into thier house. We turned off and unplugged the component and the tv. Inside (he seemed to have been watching VCDs, I arranged those since they were just lying around) the room we saw the rope that he used. The person with me touched it and was observing it in he's hands. It wasn't a nylon cord like we always steroetypically hear that people who commit suicide use. By observing the short distance of the rope from the floor he would have been on an almost-kneeling position. (The Police who came later were wondering how he could have died when he wasn't even hanging in midair.) But then again he might have been on an elevated position since the chair near it was tumbled and he might have made a way to make the rope shorter.

Just when we were about to get out of the house, guess what I found, I saw his suicide letter. Written in red ink. I told the elderly neighbor there was a note and he took it. We both read it and (to my wonder) he folded it and put it in his pocket. When we went out, I thought that the people ouside ought to know what I found so I told my mother that I found a letter. The elderly neighbor took it out and everybody read it. There were just about four of us at that time who were reading the letter since the other people who came when the old man cried for help were having their own circle. (You know, when people talk about something, they always form a circle or whatever.) He said on the letter that he loves his parents and (Im not sure about this succeeding detail-->) something like he's sorry and (I'm sure of this, this time-->) etc.

All the while at that moment, we still didn't know how's he doing in the hospital. I, and I think the people around me too, was thinking that the guy will be alright, since the person who carried him, aside from the father, said that he wasn't "dead-weight" yet when he put him into the tricycle and that he was still warm.

Later somebody came (I think he's one of their drinking buddies and also one of those who first came and helped). He was wearing a cap and he was wiping he's eyes, I can see that he's having signs of bringing bad news. He said that the guy's dead.

I felt my hands close into a fist and my arms crossed on my chest. All hope was gone.

Then later the Police came. They went into the house and said that only the owner of the house can come inside. When they came out of the house I heard one of them say that it's strange that the guy died by hanging since the he might have been just on an almost-kneeling position.

to be continued and will be probably edited...


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