Saturday, February 05, 2005

Suicide 2

When the Police found the guy's cellphone they read the still-unread text message. I came close and heard/saw that it said something like "dont do something until...". The text's details are already blurry to me, Im sorry. But the point is that people who read/heard the text message assumed that the whole incident must have been because of the guy's problem with a girl.

We later learned that the guy's problem with a girl did contribute to what happened. Some personal issues also contributed but I can't mention that here.

His body was autopsied but I dont know if they found something unusual that migh have caused his death aside from the obvious. He's is now at a wake in a funerary establishment near Makati University.

From all that happened, I therefore conclude that:

serious personal issues + depression + (possible) drunkeness = (possible)Suicide

Not to mention the Y gene that resulted to his being male. Living in this society, like most societies, where male human beings are molded to become "tough" and not to be obvious with "soft" emotions might have contributed to that fact he committed suicide. No wonder suicide cases and mental illnesses are prevalent among human males.

The moment we learned that he was already dead, people started saying things about premonitions before he died, and words like "if" and "should have been".

Ifs and Should haves will never happen because the person is already dead.

I mentioned that he's the kind of person who always talks with a smile and was always well-mannered, me and my neighbors testify to that. But then, not because a person always seem jolly, there is no possibility that that person will not attempt to commit suicide. So please, watch out for you loves ones, even the ones you don't, because we just never know. Just like us, we didn't know it then.


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