Monday, February 07, 2005

One Good Day Coming Up!

I love the sun because I saw it's rays this morning, splashing divine colors on the clouds in the horizon.
I love it more because it reminded me of you.

My day started great!
I woke up just in time!
I saw my aunts who just came from the province. One who has Diabetes, whose story I posted last year, is still fine. :)
I left the house just in time! (Feeling the cool morning air!) And saw the majestic morning sun's rays splash an array of colors to the beautifully shaped clouds in the horizon! (whoah...)
Rode the fx just in time! The queue wasn't that long.
I sat at next to the driver's seat beside the window. The fx's inside was cooler than the outside. I was comfartably seated on my personal space! Wasn't uncomfortably displaced by (a) machismic inconsiderate passenger/s this time.
(Looked at the morning sky again!)
Got past the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Global City again. (Gawd! Evil eeevil cars!)

Then, (DRUM ROLLS! Here comes the best part so far.) while a few feet away from Taft Ave., I was looking outside the window when a motorcycle with two passengers, male and female, were passing by near the fx.
I noticed that the girl (she's in her early twenties I suppose) was pretty (Love you hon!) and, like the guy driving, she was wearing a helmet.
But that's not only thing she was wearing...
As they went past us I noticed that the girl's (pardon me for the terms and details dear feminists) upper garment was a waay bit high. (I think she was also wearing low-waist pants.)
And uh... her underwear shows.
OK! Not that it's such a too-big deal for me, considering the desensitization mode that the media and the public is on. It was the material that it was made of that caught my, and my seatmate's, attention.
It was a purple crocheted fabric...


Told you so, my day's started great!

One more thing, when I was on the jeep bound for Dapitan, the driver was caught by a Police officer because he wasn't wearing his uniform plus, aside from his T-shirt (I guess), he was just wearing shorts.
Now, he was given two choices:
To have his license and plate surrendered and pay something like 1k if he were to claim his license and plate back.
Or, he will sing the Lupang Hinirang.
The driver chose the latter. I was seated in front beside the driver's seat (Yeah, luckily, I like to seat in front.) so I was hearing at all the time. I was muffling my laughter since it's the Lupang Hinirang and all.

And I came to school in time!

This day's great!!!



Blogger lost soul said...

yikes! si boorent naninilip ng undies ng manang!
bwahaha! (was it a gstring? evil. nyahaha!)
this is one of those times when i wish people can hear others smile. what would a smile sound like.. i think it would be like the tinkling of windchimes. (you like windchimes, right? they give me headaches. i remember, you keep on shaking the one we saw at some mall to make it tinkle. and it's one of those ultra rare times when i wanted to strangle you.)
but i digress. (like i always do.)
goodluck with your.. erm.. latest kinky endeavors.
hope you see red ones. *wink*

10:35 PM, February 07, 2005  

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