Thursday, February 10, 2005

Battle Royale and being "busy"

Been busy blog hopping. Been busy surfing the net when I should research for my Talumpati sa Fil4. Been busy thinking about things. Been making myself busy watching things. Been busy procrastinating.

(at this very moment Kitin is... online! :D )

Hey people! Ever watched Battle Royale?! It's a freakingly great bloody (literally...) Japanese movie!!!

It's a story about *BLEEP!* who were sent to a(n) *BLEEP!* where they're supposed to *BLEEP!* each other!

The *BLEEP!* sent them there.

At first they were *BLEEP!* about what they're supposed to do. But then, because of extreme *BLEEP!* due to *BLEEP!* and other reasons, they started *BLEEP!*ng each other!

The movie brought me to the edge of my seat...and tears. (Actually, I did shed some tears. Im not being melodramatic here. Period.)

My bottomline is... watch it.

Bye! Gotta go! (Mela has to use the bathroom... Yeah, were at the library's 6th floor. Been on the net for like forever.)

I still haven't found something for my Talumpati sa Fil4. Been too busy "distracting" myself through other worldly stuff.



Blogger imakidatheart said...

la lang... Interesting site... kept here kc lang time i lagay sa templates

ehehhehehe! Oo ako to, si Brent! (wierd...)

4:55 PM, February 10, 2005  

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