Monday, February 14, 2005

Lovapalooza 2 and a cellphone

From a paper that I wrote on upon arriving home last Saturday from the Lovapalooza at Baywalk, Manila:

I lost my cellphone tonight. This is the second time that this happened. And guess where I last left it, in my pants' right front pocket. Again.
I held it last in my hand when Ria and I were at the l o n g s l o w queue to claim a free magazine. (Pathetic you might think but there's nothing else to do at that time and we're gonna get something for free, right?) So when we got near the booth, we noticed that there's, aside from the mag, a free photo session with the stars/models on the elevated booth. There were female sexy stars, including Belinda Bright (did I get the "surname" right?), and a male model who , according to Ria,was included in a commercial of KFC with the "Gusto mo?" line. The guy's as slim, if not thinner, as I am. Ria was starstruck nonetheless.
We climbed the elevated booth. Positioned ourselves, smiled, *FLASH!*. Btw, the female models by this time have left the area so what happened on the booth was a threesome. With Ria in the middle.
We claimed the magazine and left the place with smiles on our faces. We were walking to beat of the music. Me singing along. Bamboo was on the stage 20 feet away to our left. Nice...

Now here comes the good part!


We were now in front of Aristocrat when I reached for my pocket. And felt my handkerchief. Alone. (Reminisces the time when I did the same thing a semester ago.)
I told Ria that it's not in my pocket. We chose a comfortable spot and opened my bag. I had a little itsy-bitsy true hope that it might be there because at that moment I really didn't know (or...dunno.) where I last placed it.
I opened my bag, felt and looked if it's inside. Not in there. I wasn't surprised. I was (or maybe I still am) in slight(?) emotional discomfort.
But I was calm.
Ria suggested that we go back to the booth and try to ask the guards if they found it.
We squeezed through the people. Bamboo was still on stage. So what. At this moment, things that would usually perk me up in some way did not matter.
The guard that we talked to was kind and accomodating. He told me that it's alright for me to enter the restricted area. So I entered and approached one of the people in charge. She was kind enough to tell me to go up the elevated booth to look for it. (Why am I getting a wee bit perked up at the thought of what I'm about to write...) But I stayed where I was since there were people on the "stage" having their pictures taken. So I waited for a right moment to go up.

Then Brent Javier and other 2 male models went up the "stage".

I heard female voices screaming.

Then, I still was looking at the stage and it just seemed to consciously dawn on me, Brent Javier on the elevated booth. Banal unaffected thought followed. I then said to the lady in charge, "Pano na ako makakaakyat. Andyan na yan." Pertaining to the ones on "stage". I went to the left side, still on the outside, of the elevated booth near the back of it to get a glimpse of the corners. It might just be there. But it wasn't. Heard a guy loudly say, "Oh! Bat andito si Watchilei?!" (Hua Ze Lei)
I asked one of the photographers on the booth if they found a cellphone but he said, "Wala e. Kung meron yun makikita na namin agad yun." (Dunno if I got that verbatim. But there you go.)
So we left the accomodating elevated booth with the accomodating people who manage it.
Ria can't help but feel bad and guilty at the same time. Saying that it was her who dragged me there in the first place. I honestly told her that it's not her fault. "It's not even my fault."(?!) I added. "It's an accident."
But i'm thinking now, I could have prevented it from happening.
"I hope that he's happy with it." "I hope that he's child will be happy if he recieves it." Were some of the things I was saying to Ria.

I was on the jeep en route home when I was thinking "Nawala ang cellphone ko. Ayoko namang buhay ko ang mawala sakin." ['Wah! What a way to think.' you might say but please, dont freak out yet or think that I've snapped. :) ] and held on the bar overhead. At that moment I was thinking how "fortunate" I was to just loose a cellphone on that night. At least I haven't lost a father, a loved one, or my life, unlike other people somewhere at the same time.

Accidents, hardships, and tests make men and women wiser.

I am now terribly ashamed that my mother would have to know about this and that I would have to tell her myself.
She always told me not to put it in my pocket but to place it in my bag. The first time I lost my cellphone was when I placed it in my right pocket. My mother bought me a cellphone again, and, again, I left it in my pocket, and lost it.

Watashiwa Bakero-desu!

If I remember it right, it was a Juddah Paolo who said that there will be Lovapalooza in the years to come. Hah!
"Lost the cellphone anniversary!" according to my brother.

I went to the Lovapalooza with a cellphone in my pocket. I left with a Lovapalooza pin on my chest. Nice.


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