Monday, February 21, 2005

Bi-shounen overload!!!

I watched NHK last Saturday evening around 10 and I was having the time of my life!

There were these Japanese boybands(?) and they were like having a concert, performing on the stage one group after another.

The entertainment value for me was sky-high! The (funny?) costumes--red furry tights, black-silver over-alls, and others, were amusing. The songs remind me of anime background music, opening and closing theme songs. Hay...
It was such a great experience...

Now I understand why Charsa feel the way she does toward Jap guy performers. And yeah Abi too!!! Abi, I was looking for Aiji the whole time! Wondering if he'll be performing that night. I think I (imaginarily) heard a (or many) girl fan(s) scream his name.

And of course! The audience were a huge source of amusement too! I had the chance to peek at their culture and behavior when I watched that show! They were screaming in such a way that would remind you of cheering Japanese girls on... yeah... anime.

That show made me confidently say now that animes are as real as they get. Without the things that make animes real animes of course. :D The magic effects and stuffs.

The guys on stage were great! They wore their costumes like it were normal clothes. But I guess for the Japanese performers that they are, those are real clothes already. And their voices, their songs... made me nostalgic and elated because I realized that I'm listening to the kind of people who sing the songs for the animes that I watch. They have, most of them, hahve good voices btw. I also noticed that their singing voice is different from their conversational voice. (People, is there such a term? c: ) It's on a slightly higher note. Noticeably different. The more amusing it became for me.

And yeah, for those who dont know what bi-shounen mean... They are guys who look like female human beings. Beautiful. My female cousin even commented that the one who shocked me looked like Mylene Dizon.

Shocked me because there were these portions where the hosts, this time a younger guy and an older guy, (No. They're not yaoi. I think.) would interview artists. And in one portion one artist came in and I was like in major confusion...

A beautifil girl... er... or... *mind says: all artists you've seen so far on this show are guys.*
Then the artist spoke. Whatthe! He's voice is deeper than the hosts'. I think he's the most bi-shounennic I've seen on that show.

Uh oh... I'm 45 minutes late and counting for World Lit class...
Gotta go! Bye! :D

Hon, welcome back from Guimaras! *hugs!*


Blogger charsa said...

hehe as you have requested .. ive read yar bishy related entry ^_^ bwahahhaha

btw? what was the name of the show you watched.. johnny jrs? SC?
hehehe i dont get to watch those shows nymore cuz sky cable sucks arse O.o;; *nods*

em boys are fond of showing off their umm skinny chests and wearing sequines/boas/shiny googly stuff for costumes ^_^ simply adorable i tell ya !

8:50 PM, February 21, 2005  

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