Thursday, February 24, 2005

Plummetted from the highest high happiness...Not anymore. :D

I am so so sad. This is deep (irrational?) sadness.

I came from Quiapo this afternoon and got my B&W pics of the Sepultorero.
I first saw the contact prints and I was glad that at least all came out good. Then I chose the 11 good ones, 6 of which I will contribute for our Photojourn. After 1 hr it was finnished.

I knew that they look good on the contact prints... but they came out not so good...

They came out PERFECT!!! :'D

Well, that was exactly how I felt then. I was so happy. Beyond happy actually, I was moved almost to tears! No. Not really. But then I was so happy I even told some people what I just typed there. *points up*

Then came the Dynamics of Philippine Politics Class...

We learned that *bleep* people failed the prelims but they have the chance to pass if their essay's grade will be able compensate.

So there we were waiting to know if we will pass or not. I did pass. My grade... *quick deep sigh* 32/60.
I barely passed. And to think that I expected more from me just after I finnished the test. I even put it here on one of my posts.


Now, not even the Beautiful Golden Full Moon that I see right now from the window of Bill's Gate CYBER CENTRAL here in Morayta can meke me fell better...

I just said a while ago that I cant be sad because childern in Africa are dying right now from hunger. But then... I guess I should't be consoled of other people's missery/life/missfortune/blahblah.

I chest feels heavy right now...

*huff huff*

Humpf. I guess it wasn't really that bad. But I hope that I wont take this back later. When I'm alone in bed driffting to sleep.

Oh well. :) I can smile now. :D

Maybe I felt a bit bad a while ago also because THE top seed/cream of the crop/top predator of AB's 3rd year batch, the batch that I belong to, is a C.A. student. The person got a perfect 60/60 on the prelim exam.

Oh well. Why should I feel this way. Like Ria said I should be happy for the person. Ok person, I'm happy for you. Yes, really, I am. :) *sincere smile*

Ok so I should'nt feel so bad. :) My mother's carinderia (Yup! She's a small scale entreprenure. :D) is scheduled to change venue today in time for the Full Moon. :D

Yeah, the Moon's big, perfectly round, and golden tonight. Beautiful moon.


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