Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Recollection at the UST Seminary

The Recollection was quite effective.
It gave me a needed break from the frivolities and hustle and bustle of life. (Yeah, melodramatic.)
Topics like forgiveness, and the humanness of parents, teachers, and classmates were covered. Had a confession session and a Mass.
Not like just a HS activity like father Lucio said. Not that I mean that my HS Recollections and Retreats were not as great.

Things like this, aside from other reasons, make me more thankful that Im studying here. :D *raises UST flag and sings UST hymn. joke*


Great good break. :D

Plus the recollection master, prof Julian, even postponed his going to the hospital for his daughter who was brought to the hospital by his wife because their daughter was vomiting.
You might think "that's strange" or "so what" or "why didn't he just leave and go to his daughter". Well, he believes (I think) that he's there for a purpose and (this Im sure he said) also that his daughter will be alright.

I dont know if I would have done the same but I consider what he did as something I (we) should be really thankful for.


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