Monday, March 07, 2005

Very un-summer-like days and nights

I have noticed for the past 4 days or so that the air is cooler than usual considering that it's already March and that it had been hot for the past weeks. I even remembered telling Ria things like "Fall in UST" since the leaves of the trees everywhere are falling already due to the absence of rain.

But it rained last Saturday, March 5. The day previous that was cool with rain clouds just hovering overhead.

And they said in the news yesterday that the cools days are over for us.

Darn missinformation dissemination of the dumb media (people)!!!

Dont they wake up in the morning and feel the chill in the air. Oh well, they must be sleeping in always-chilly airconditioned rooms anyway. But then, they should've felt the cool in the air when they go to work or when they go out of their homes/condos, right? Dont they also see the existence of rain clouds over the metropolis?

Oh well... It was hot but now it's cool. But inevitably it's going to get hot again, then hotter.

*yawn* I was watching the news on NHK last weekend there's a heavy snowfall there in Japan. I saw in a news program this morning that there's also heavy snowfall right now in South Korea (logically, that includes NK as well). Why do I care? Or why would you care. We need not care(maybe). But dont you see that it's supposed to be Summer already but all these is happenening. Or maybe all all these different weather phenomena has to do with the unique seasons' cycles in different countries or continents... Oh well. (Notice the dominant "s" sound? eheheh.)


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