Thursday, March 10, 2005

Top Two Most Corrupt Country in ASIA

And the First Runner-up is... The Philippines!!!

We're supposed to clap and cheer everytime we hear something like this regarding our country. But we're not supposed to do that this time.

I saw/heard/read from the news that we took the place as the second most corrupt country in Asia. They said Actually I read on dont know if I should be posting this down knowing that it contains the magnitude of shame that my country is supposed to carry. But then the truth sometimes hurts but it would be for the better if it were to be faced. Ohum. Pardon my gibberish.

I just read this morning from the reading material that we're supposed to read for the test this evening that the problem is (maybe) not 'the prevalence corruption per se, but the great variability of corruption.' The reading also said that 'it is highly variable corruption that most impedes "the development of rational economic activity."' I would like to add that too much corruption takes too much money from the goverment treasury. Money that should have been allocated for civil projects that would the benefit of the state's constituents who most need the aid of the government officials that they put in power who, now, corrupts the government.

Added info: 1. Do you know that the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs, the two tax colleting bodies of the Republic of the Philppines, is under the control of the Philppine President? Ohum. Maybe you didn't. Now you do.

2. The most corrupt country in Asia is Indonesia. Tsk. That's maybe why I heard on the TV Patrol of ABS-CBN that the rations for the Tsunami victims ware on-hold, during that time the news was being aired, because corruption was rampant and that the people in charge want to be sure that the goods would go to the right people.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
So the next time you vote people, vote wisely. But then again, if the money beckons, all heed.
Nevermind the next six years, minimum, of unseen suffering.


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