Sunday, March 27, 2005

Boon and Bane of Swimming in Summer.

Yesterday, I had a headache. Today, I woke up with my hurting Splenius Capitis and my Trapezius m.
These are the mucles connected to the shoulders and the neck, the former you'll find in the nape while the latter is the one that makes the triangle shape of the neck and shoulders when seen from the back.
These aches and pains were caused by my "walang ahunan" motto everytime my body gets submerged in water. Well you see, I joined my God-siblings' swimming outing in Fort Max inland Resort in Paranaque yersterday after they invited me to come when I made a fortunate visit to their place the other day.
It was partially cloudy yesterday so it was a perfect weather for a swim. But then, when the sun's relatively harsh heat came out from time to time, I wasn't deterred to get out of the water and find shade. That's maybe the reason for my headache that started when we were on our way home.

But I had a great time plus the chance to practice my swimming skills. I can swim in place now at last! Wait, I already learned that during Mela's debut in Olongapo. Well, at least now I'm sure that I learned the technique.

I also like way the sun evened out my skin color. I just hope that the reddened parts wouldn't flake off a few days from now because I'm not so sure if they're actually sunburned.

Oh well. See you Mela and Bdet tom at 10:30am sharp at Mela's dorm. Good luck sa ating lahat na mag-Ojt! :D


Blogger lost soul said...

naman.. adik sa tubig.
i went to some beach
but i wasn't able to swim
and win the friggin bet.
water's too high and the waves
were... freaks! dammit.
so i just baked under the sun and read a book.
(thanks to ian's coppertone, btw. not that i needed the tan, im negra enuf hehe but it's something
i do just to have the 'right' to
gloat that 'i-just-had-a-vacay what-about-you'. nyahaha! plus,
the narcissist in me says that i
look better when im tanned. hehe.)

11:55 PM, March 29, 2005  

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