Thursday, March 24, 2005

Women in my dream.

Sarah Geronimo and my girlfriend, Kitin, were in my dream this early morning.

I still cant get over it and I'm still wondering what it might mean. Well, it might actually mean nothing at all, the act of dream interpretation and all that.

But still, here are some of the details that I vividly remember:

I was carrying Kitin and her face was pressed on my shoulder. While I was carrying her I started walking from the corner of Espanya-P. Noval with the direction towards Dapitan along the sidewalk beside UST.

The strange thing was that she wasnt raising her head all that time and I can actually FEEL her body pressed to mine. (Rid your minds of dirt please.)

Now with Sarah...
We were having a good time talking. There was a funny part where I was about to carry her on my back and but I cant. I tried twice but it just seem that either I was too weak or that she was too heavy. Then there was one part where I held her hands and actually FELT her palm. And they were soft!

Wait a minute... carrying people...
Hum... What could that mean...


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