Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wow! We were "in the field" at last!

We had the chance to cover a story by ourselves kanina!

Though I think due to the nature of the incident that happened my "celebrating mood" is maybe quite unethical.

Anyway. I'm still glad that we did it the way we did. It is really during that time that we had the chance to apply what we learned in school regarding the proper decorum when obtaining information from news sources. Imagine, no other reporters were there except me, Badet, and Mela! Well, atleast during when the people involved were being interrogated on the scene of the incident and in the WPD in UN Ave. There were Journalists and Photographers in PGH ,where we first went. Another amazing thing was that had not Mela told the other reporters about the incident, we might as well be the only ones to go. But not informing them about it might be unethical.


I know (not hope. know.) that story will be published tomorrow. And Im already glad thinking about it. :D


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