Saturday, April 02, 2005

quoted from my comment on Elizel's latest post about their plan to go to Japan and the Pope's present condition:

How long does it take to work for a passport for Japan?... ^_____^Do they require a VISA?... Hum?... ^________^
*Images of Sakura and Japanese HS girls in minis...*
*Ack* Ohum. So uh...
Maybe if people like me die you'll mourn because I also sincerely want peace on earth. Anyway,nuf w/ that. ü Dunno if I should put this down but I will anyway... I actually shed tears last night (luckily nobody noticed) and, again, this morning. This morning I felt/thought that I wouldnt be so affected as I was last night but then I surprised myself when I felt the tears again after I saw a scene on CNN where The Pope was embracing the Dalai Lama. (sh*t. remembering it almost makes me "feel" it again.)*sigh* Oops. Long reaction. I think I'll post this on my blog verbatim. Ahaha. heh. *sigh*


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