Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pope John Paul II died.

The Pope died 9:37 pm, Vatican time (3:37am Phil. time).

I was awake until 2am this early morning watching the updates on the Pope's condition. And when they finally did revealed it to the media they said almost the same thing as they did the previous night, that the Pope was in grave but stable condition. I was almost always watching news channels: CNN, and BBC, and other Cable channels: DW, TV Española, TV5, NHK, and Arirang, since I heard the news on the grave condition of the Pope on CNN when I woke up last Friday at 5am.

Since there was apparently not much update, I slept at 2am. Then I woke up and later decided to turn on the TV and switched to CNN. Then they said it.

The Pope John Paul II has died.


I was on this since Friday but then when the very vital part was about to happen, I decided to sleep.

Let's all pray for the soul of our beloved Pope.
I was quite surprised and dissapointed when the "reports from: blah, blah, and blah" wasn't included in some particular news in People's Tonight today. This is related to my post yesterday regarding the "in the field" experience we had. *sigh* Well maybe there wasn't much space to place our names. It's just that well... you get my point. But anyway, the experience is still an experience and that's what matters the most. At least, I guess, as of now.


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