Thursday, April 14, 2005

I watched Pinoy Abroad on GMA early morning today and I give two thumbs up!

I learned there that:

  • There is a Meiji Park in Tokyo where people would go and dress up in their fave character a la cosplay in an anime convention.
  • Women are not given first priority when it comes to sitting on subways, to say the least.
  • Giving tips is a no-no in Japanese society.
  • Just like in the US, education is free and compulsary. (The compulsary part, Im not so sure. Eheh.)
  • Japinoys, aka Japanese-Filipinos, are sikat in there. There's this guy about my age who said that he used to be teased for being different, but now they are sort of an awe for among their peers since they can speak other languages aside from Nihonggo, like English and Filipino.

Hum... I know English, Filipino, Ifugao, Ilocano, an a wee bit of *ohum* Spanish. ^___^ Tsk tsk tsk. Baka sam-ba-hin na ang mga katulad ko dun. Ack! Ahahahahah! :D Uh... that is if marunong rin pala akong mag-Hapon. Eheheheh. Well, it's also my dream to understand Nihonggo. :D


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