Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Wednesday evening. A Thursday early morning.

The Vision of Escaflowne on ANIMAX just gets better and better!!!

It's really one of two shows every Wednesday that I anticipate every day of the week. The other show is Midori Days.

G*d. How I wonder that if I watched Esca in the 1990s how would I have reacted to it then.

Its superb plot, special effects, characters, and background music would have been astounding to me as it is now! And to think that it was made in 1996! It's just way ahead of it's time.

I pity the people who havent had the chance to watch it.

Scribbles this early morning on a piece of paper:
The ff are scribbles I made this early morning while watching TV.
Q: What will one see on Arirang TV at 2 am Philippine time?
A: A documentary featuring Rowena, a Filipina who married a Korean, has 3 children, farmed with her Korean family, and who's now an English teacher for children and housewives in the community.
She is also a volunteer for the PR department of the local government there. She was shown translating the captions used in a promotional material for tourism in the community where she belongs, Mungyeong(pop. 80,000. If I heard it right!) .
"It would be nice if more foreigners like Rowena would come and help the city." said one Korean lady.
*OMG! I saw this part before! If only I watched more then, I would have noticed that a Filipina is the central character among Koreans in their community.
Now I know.*
OMG. I'm so proud of her.
She graduated at the St. Louis University in Baguio City and had her Masters. (which school I didnt see bec I was taking notes plus I'm myopic.)
To think about it, none of this would have happened if not for Rowena's love for her husband and children and in-laws who also reciprocated her love (Her dad-in-law died before the car that he bought for her as a gift arrived. :'c ) plus the community's gusto to learn English.
Tsk. So that's Win Win Human Documentary of Arirang TV.
Now where's that fried chicken skin?... Gutom ako.
I slept at around 3:40am. Heard the cp's alarm and woke up at 8 am but went back to bed and slept again... Then I consciously realized what I just did, I bolted up, and realized that I slept for another 30 mins.
2:49 pm... omg. I think I just spent more than an hour before I type this dot.


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