Wednesday, April 13, 2005

CAR story.

CAR = acronym for Cordillera Administrative Region


I finally made that email to Chris, a former Peace Corps volunteer sent to Mayoyao, Ifugao years ago. He once said in an e-mail that one project of his may not bne in use today and that comment was bugging me eversince. You see, I hadn't told him that he's wrong. But atleast now I cleared my conscience by telling him that the project he once had is in very good use up to now. :D

Speaking of my province, I just read from the paper yesterday, People's Tonight, where I'm having my OJT with my friends, that mother's kabababayan, Congressman Chungalao, was proposing to make Marijuana a legal cash crop for Benguet since the vegetable industry is not doing very well now because of the influx of imported vegetables from China. (darn. I'm no racist ok. Just maybe patriotic.)
Marijuana is acually a medicinal plant, it's just that those druggies who abuse it's use give it a bad name. I havent tried one anyway, but Im not in favor of making it a cash crop because it'll be primarily used by druggies anyway.
All cops in the province of Abra were relieved of their posts yesterday. I found this amusing and funny. But then, seriously, where would all those cops go? Maybe they'll become full-time conscripts for the private armies there. Humph. The private armies that they failed to neutralize and is the reason why all of them are relieved of their posts.
Oh well... welcome to the Philippines. :P
But then, CAR is still a great place to visit! I've been there for many times already that I lost count.
Sings: Nakapunta ka na ba sa Rice Terraces ng Ifugao?!
(Or nakashake hands ang members ng private armies sa CAR [or sa ibang parte pa ng Pilipinas]?! Ack. shouldnt have put this down lest I pull down the local tourism. :D )