Monday, April 11, 2005

And On The Third day, Brent...

Dunno if Im still gonna continue the previous post... *sigh* Shyet... This is such a bore...

*big loong yawn*
*looks at Bdet's NBA game...*
*looks at Mela's pc...*
*looks at my own big screen... -__- *


I'm contempleting on the idea should I put down something here on blog or not... Well, maybe not... I've put it down on paper already and it proved therapeutic, though I really didn't need the "therapy" because at that time the "prevailing" "emotion" has already subsided.
Ohh well...
Well on the lighter side *lights up and typing speed catches up* I'm sure this time that our name will be on the byline again tomorrow!!! :D Because the reporter who-doesnt-attribute-us-at-all-even-when-we-deserve-it is absent today!!! (Yipee! Ohum.) Oh poor guy...
Thank you very much to Kitin for everything.
Maraming salamat sa iyo, aking alter-ego.


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