Monday, April 11, 2005

Q: On what channel did I find the show that featured the Sampaguita Ice Cream of The Illustrado Restaurant here in Manila?!

A: On Arirang TV!!!

Yup! I was watching that last night, I think, and I was surprised not only because there is such an ice cream as Sampaguita Ice Cream but also because I realized that I would have to learn that from a Korean channel...

Hum... reminds me of that multi-million peso effort of the Department of Tourism to promote tourism here in the Philippines. *wink wink*

Sings: Nakapunta ka na ba sa blah blah blah blah blah blah... O nakatikim ng Sampaguita Ice Cream?!!!


The Shounen show btw has changed from Saturday to Sunday! I saw it last night on NHK just when it was about to end for the night. :D

It really amazes me everytime I watch the news on cable channels. I've seen this news on NHK about the rallyists in front of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, China and then I saw it later in ANC.
Almost all here at the OJT tells us that on this job, you cant really expect much money.
Oh well... I say if you're the righteous type dont expect money and be brave because your country is the second most dangerous country for Journalists.
Hay... Life is great!!! You just need to look at it from a lot of angles if you dont see it in a good light from one angle. :D


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