Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thank you for everything!!!

Thank you for everything!

My 'thank you' goes to God, my family, my friends, my acquintances, and all the people who made all this possible!

Eheheheh. Sounds like a speech for the Oscars.

Thank you to Ma'am Mia, our trainor for the OJT, for bringing us with her for the birthday blow-out (/PR meeting :D ), initially mistaken for a press conference, of Manila Councilor "Trisha" yesterday at the Gery's Grill; Mr. Noel Alamar, for treating Mela, Bdet and me out once while giving us a insight into his life as a radio (DZMM) field reporter and for informing us on how people who work for ABS-CBN are very well compensated (considering the risk of job and all); kuya Keneth, working for Tanod, for sharing a gist of his 3-yr experience in the field and a behind the scene (read: intriguing) outlook on Tawi-Tawi, the military and Abu Sayaf, death threats, and on the local government of the city of Manila; and Mela and Bdet for being with me the whole time.

And of course Thank You to God and my family for innumerable and, sometimes unrecognized, reasons.

These experiences I bet I wont forget. But if, hopefully not, I will, I hope I still have this blog and people to remind me.


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