Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On Getting Squeezed, My Present Routine, a Radio Reporter's Story, an Insight on the Ayalas, Gold, and Hunger.

I got squeezed between two chubby ladies in the fx. Not to mention the other one on the far left. It just reminded again about the joke on Bubble Gang (I think) where they said that the bigger people should be the one's to carry burden of the planned added tax.

Anway, my legs then were like those you see talk shows where the long legged lady guests' legs go like this----> \Ack. terrible futile attempt to add a visual aid!
And my rib cage was suffering too. Well not much really but to the point of discomfort. So when I can't take it any longer, I simply shifted my position, though there wasnt much change but I became more comfortable.


WTF, am I blabbering about.

Anyway, I was thinking about... wait... I lost it... there... um... *clock is ticking*... Oh yeah! I'm bored and tired about the routine I'm caught into. See the adverse effect it has on my brain? Mela mentioned something about the whole routine thing so we wallowed in the muck called fact-of-life-at-present. I mentioned then that routine would have been better if I have a daily routine on money-making (think of Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II & Henry Sy & Lucio Tan & Oprah & Paris' Hilton's dad & the list goes on) and not just on money-spending-to-go-to-OJT everyday.

But I'm not saying that our OJT is bad. I'm just saying part of the whole picture.


Talk about OJT, one radio reporter whose name starts with the letter R shared his story about his most unforgetable experience when he covered the landslide catastrophy in province of Quezon. G*d... Talk about eating biscuits and drinking only water for days. No normal baths for days. Seeing people loose their mind because of the tragedy.
*WARNING: If you're eating something and gets queasy easily, better not proceed reading starting here.*

Dead bodies everywhere. As Mr. R put it, something like the scene in a movie where the setting was the Vietnam War.

*It's relatively safe to start again from here.*

I'm hungry. But I think I have more to put here.

Oh yeah... I think hunger is taking its toll now... I'm thinking about my usual thought on blogging almost everything that I can think of about almost everything.
And things like the inside story about the Ayalas and uh... dunno... I'm hungry and I have to satisfy this. Hahah! Thought you can get something from me about the "Insight on the Ayalas" eh? *Big smile here* Next time pag di na ako gutom. (take note: walang "maybe" sa simula ng sentence.)

Btw Mitch, Kitin and I are back to being friends. *I was thinking on putting a smiley here but then. Heheh. :)*

Oh yeah, I'm gonna email Ria about the ojt thing that Elizel asked me when the sun was still up.

Tsk tsk. Maybe you notice that I'm really hungry now.

Bye for now!

Bon appetite!


Ciao pala!

Este, paalam sa ngayon!

Nga pala, medyo nanghihinayang ako kasi sa sobrang acidic ng skin ko may mumunting piraso ng ginto sa Raymond Weil ko ang natatanggal. Wah!

Oh well, this must be one of the longest posts I made so far. Naku, medyo nakakaramdam na ako ng pagkalipas ng gutom... tsk tsk tsk.


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