Monday, April 25, 2005

The lunar eclipse last night was excelent! :D

And it only appears once every 18 years. Well, like Kitin said, by the time Im 30ish I'll be able to see it again so not much big deal there. But then, what if I dont get to that age, or that there'll be World War III and homo sapiens sapiens get extinct, or the next lunar eclipse happens on a side of the earth where I wont be able to see it? Hum... :D Hehehehe.

So there.

I got really angry around past 1 am today that I went down in all my fury and told those bitch boarders and their bastards to tone the hell down. (!!!)

And HAH! Dad finally decided to kick them out. In a few months time... there'll be out for GOOD.

Good luck to all OJTers! :D

Btw, to all those that need the break down of fees for the coming semester, get yours at the accounting office. I paid for mine already (Php 40.00) and they told me to claim it by Wednesday afternoon. :D


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