Monday, May 02, 2005


I was fuming on my way here kanina!

Ako ang pinaka bobo na sumakay ng bus kanina. I droped myself off way too early before my supposed destination. Imagine, one southbound MRT station away from the Ayala station. And I walked the rest of the l o n g way with handkerchief on mouth and nose to protect myself from the smoke produced by buses that are better off crushed and turned into soda cans. If only the male and female people were not around 50 feet away behind me, I would have screamed without my handkerchief to cover my mouth. I screamed twice behind the hanky. Darn. I told myself then that "Im gonna kill my self for this!"

I even planned while in the bus to get one Quickly tofu drink as my reward for doing somethings today. But then, dammit, I had to be in such a state of consciousness that led to me thinking that I dont deserve that tofu drink. (btw, tofu is taho.)

So there I was finally at the jeep station on my way to Market Market. Maybe I deserve that Quickly tofu drink after all.

I arrived and went inside Market Market to look for Quickly. But to my much needed added frustration, I didnt find one! Dammit. Still I looked around, in vain. I was going down the escalator facing the front exit when I found the directory. Yey... maybe I'll find it there. But when I was already a few feet away from the directory and the exit... I decided not to look for it today and maybe just look for it some other time when I want to have Quickly in Market Market that badly again, and went out of the exit.

Well, atleast I have extra money for today's plan for tomorrow's movie viewing. (:D)

Darn. Just right now I thought that I lost all that I just typed here, when I higlighted all to make a copy, when everything went blank. Then I saw the "Recover post" (Now, where's Blogger's Create post underline option? Is there an underline option in the first place btw? I think there is.) and clicked it and I had my post back. :)

I think the reason why I got off the bus prematurely was that I was already a bit hungry when I left the Kidney Center. I was hungrier then there but found no food to my liking. And lost sufficient glucose to feed my brain. Another reason maybe was that the windows were too low for me to see enough of outside. Yeah, maybe the latter reason was quite a lame excuse.


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