Friday, May 06, 2005

Last OJT Kanina. (A very long interesting blog, I believe! Eheheh.) :D

I was seating at the back of the tricycle and I was thinking, "Now that the OJT is over, what now?…"

That was like… shyet… what will I do now.

I‘m gonna my OJT! I’m gonna miss the FEEL of being there! I’m gonna miss the people! I’m gonna miss what we always do!

Now that it’s over, and after reading my evaluation from ma’am Mia, I felt that I could’ve done better. Should’ve done better.

But thinking about it now, I guess I have taken some of what I’ve done a bit lightly and some more seriously. To sum it up, I guess if I were to do it again I may not do it any other way. Yeah, cliché but that’s how it is.

Bottom line is I’ll miss my OJT. (Yeah yeah, I already said that for the nth time already. But I don’t care. :D)

Hum… what else to type… Oh yeah! Every time I watch Samurai 7 on ANIMAX every 11 pm, I remember Glaiza and I can imagine that she’s watching too at the very moment, though I don’t really think she is lately since she told me once that she’s currently at Caylabne. Yeah Galiza, I forgot that I already read that on your blog when I texted you. :D I guess I was too caught up after watching Twin Spica, hearing and reading S 7’s opening theme song, and other stuffs.

Every time I watch that, I just want to text you! AHH!!! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder na ba ito? Hope not. Guess not.

The lines that strike me the most with the song goes something like are these:

"How much pain have you kept in your heart all this time.
How much hurt have you hid in your eyes to smile."


And Escaflowne’s story is getting better and better and better and better all the time.
And Twin Spica made me cry my worst in one episode alone almost as much as Magnifico and My Sassy Girl did. Midori Days just ended last Wednesday and was it sooo sweet or what?! Hontini daisuki!!!
Uh... Glai, Bdet, Jam, Elizel, Jhoboy, Chuck, and Abi, tama ba? :D


By the way, my previous post was done in good taste on my part, as much as possible, and I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Truth is, I was already quite calm while I was typing that down. I only want to get it off my chest because I felt that it’s something that I really NEED to air out, just considering the frequency of the incident(?). ^__^ So there. Just making my self clear if ever I hurt people’s feelings because of that post.

Peace to all!

(Hard as it may be, "peace" is possible, maybe.)

Good Luck to Ria and her co-trainee on their OJT! Elizel, any progress?
So, again, there went another around more than one and a half hours for typing down on my blog. I therefore conclude the it takes me an average of one and one-fourth to one and a half hours to type down my post for blog for the day. Btw, now that the OJT's over for me, I may not be able to put down posts here for the very near future as much I do now. :D
Ah! I need to interact with my classmates!!! Especially with my friends!!!
Maganda ang Darna, medyo(?). Nakakatawa nga lang dahil may hinango sa Green Goblin ng Spider Man. So darn obvious. Some people by the way, based on what I hear from friends and chatting strangers around me, dont like or dont prefer Angel Locsin as the best Darna for the role. I think her body's ok but some dont. They also say that she looked like a mataray or not so good-heroine looking for the role, Darna.
Ang Encantadia/LOTR (duh)/Peter Pan (water fell scene with the mermaids)/Never Ending Story (remember the flying dog-like dragon[?]) /Star Wars (Anakin's briaded buntot) ay astig! I like the scene where the siblings took on their prodigal eldest daughter. I wasnt expecting that to happen! I was really surprised. Though I thought that the sisters or the second eldest should have taken on their eldest sis before the fight ensued between her and their mother. I wish though that the good characters should have been omnicient enough to sense what's obviously happening around them.
I like the pilot episode especially the part where the weak dwarves are being slashed helplessly by the bad guys! *evil grin here* Ahahahahahah! But the bad boss who later died was made stupid by the story when he didnt take the diamond of his fallen good guy enemy. Talk about not doing something that was the main cause of the killings.
Siya nga pala, nabanggit ko na ba na may binili akong sariling diary? Heheheheh. So yun. La lang sa iyo siguro. La akong paki. ^__^ Bitter ba? Nah. Dont wanna be bitter on my blog if I can help it.
Again, Peace to all! :D


Anonymous Rix said...

Your entries are very interesting reads, shoti. Something I look forward to every time i'm online. I'll miss you.

Darna is icky.

Encantadia is promising. *_*

1:17 PM, May 09, 2005  

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