Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Exerps From Today's Random Thoughts. Some Realizations About My Self.

Exerps from my random thoughts today where at some parts consciously thought of putting it down on blog. :D

After seeing my blog right now: "Ay... walang nagcomment...(sa blog)"

While in the FX on my way to Manila: I'm having a bad moment because of what happened yesterday. *people involved withheld* Then realizes things that I dont really like and reasonable stuffs.

After today's OJT: I'm gonna ride the MRT again. :D (This craving for train rides started last Monday, when I rode a bus, and intensified last Tuesday, before I rode the MRT that day.)

While walking during some part of the day: "I think I'm having a case of bl _ _ ba _ _ _"

At the Kidney Center after I was a wee bit slowed down by somebody whose hair was the only thing I saw while I was walking: "Move you... nigger..." A split second later--- Oh shet...! what have I thought...

Later while the same person is now attending to my auntie: I was looking at her long curly eyelashes. "Could she be from Olonggapo." Nice eyes. Im having a sense of pride for her because of the feeling that she must have done very well in school to be a nurse. I, knowing the treatment of some/other people toward people like her. Then I had the urge to tell her, "Have you read Uncle Tom's Cabin?" I noticed that she's soft spoken.

In the jeep en route GMA7: I'm gonna ride the MRT again. :D

While waiting for the train and seeing the opposite side: Reminds me of Midory Days. Midory Days opening theme song playing in my head.

In the MRT train: Closed my eyes to hear the sound produced that resembles a plane taking off. Midory days opening theme song. Looks outside and sees the cars and other vehicles caught in the traffic, the train passing by like a dream. "Poor mortals."

In the jeep going through Forbes Park en route Market Market: "Where are you my alter-ego?" Thinks of things that I would gladly share with that peson who would appreciate the most.

Right now: I'm going to put down SOME realizations about my self.

Realizations about my self starts here.
I realized middle of last week while taking a bath that it is while I'm taking a bath that I think about issues that bother/concerns me the most or for the moment.
Heck. I admit that when I feel like it, I even take a break for a moment in my bath to pray.
(Now that's a shocker. I wonder what could be the person's expression looks like after reading this. :D )
I developed an uneasiness toward needles, caused probably by the frequent times of seeing my aunt having her injections. When I was younger, and when I say younger during the time that I dont fear needles, needles dont bother me at all. But now I (one or all of the following) cringe, feel uneasy, or look away evertime my aunt gets her injections or have her finger pricked for her blood sugar test. The worst was last Monday, or yesterday, when I saw the doctor taking my aunt's blood sample and my aunt flinched, apparently having felt pain. I guess the doc pulled that part of the injection, where you will be able to draw blood, too fast. Then I saw the needle, not quite thin and short.
I'm starting to hate what the elite have contributed in our society, from the colonial past to contemporary history, that directly or indirectly made most of the people, probably including me, to suffer.
Hah! I need to talk with people, not to, who will listen attentively about these matters.
So there went more than one and one-fourth hours with me just typing away on my blog.
I hope that people aside from me will read this. (whispers: And do something to let me know.)
Take care!
(Follow-up thought: "I hope to be with the person for me, reeeal soon. Right now will be much appreciated.")
I'm hungry.


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