Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Poured My Heart Out On This One. Something On Inconsideration And Being Abrasive.

I don’t know how to start this but I hope that how I put it down would be the best tactful way to say it.

I try to maintain good working and friendly relations with people around me. But there are times when they make it very hard for me to treat them well because of what they consciously and unconsciously do to me.What is one those things that really get to me? --- Inconsideration.

n : the quality of failing to be considerate of others [syn:inconsiderateness, thoughtlessness] [ant: consideration]

People are being inconsiderate when they un/consciously think only of themselves. When they put their welfare and comfort ahead on virtually almost everyone and everything at all times resulting to the utter discomfort of another.

This really get to me all the time probably because, as far as I can remember, I was taught to think of other people’s welfare aside from my own. And it’s just unnerving that people apparently lack this trait at times.

And this afternoon, it happened again for the almost unbearable nth time. I don’t want to go to details so I’ll put it this way...

When I equally deserve to obtain something, whether material or intellectual, as much as everybody does, it gets to my nerves when somebody makes himself a hindrance and not realize it. Worse is if the person knows but "simply" ignore. I consider it downright heartless when it is purposely done.

I think this afternoon it wasn’t purposely done because if it were, screw the person. Again, I believe that it wasn’t purposely done. I guess it was "just" in the person’s nature that the person did what the person did.

And that’s the worst part. That attitude is so ingrained in the person that I don’t know how to address the matter. Addressing it without having to explain something that would be best learned and realized on one’s own.

*very deep sigh*

Another reason why people’s inconsideration gets to my nerves is that when they do what they do, they become abrasive.

adj 1: causing abrasion [syn:scratchy] 2: sharply disagreeable; rigorous; "the harsh facts of court delays"; "an abrasive character" [syn: harsh] n : a substance that abrades or wears down [syn: abradant, abrasive material]
(The use of the term surprised me because it is only now that I found out that it is indeed used the way I thought of using it in this manner.)

Abrasive people, as the definition suggests, wear me down emotionally. And I hate it every time it happens. You see, when I get upset because of other people’s abrasive behavior, I get inclined to become abrasive myself. That’s the worst part for me because I become into somebody I don’t like and always avoid turning into. And when I'm abrasive, I wear people down, people who I care the most. And it hurts me when they suffer because of my behavior.

Migod, I hope that people who wear me, and other people down, realize this too. Because you see, it just turns into a vicious cycle. I cycle that I gladly don’t want to be part of.

Well, so there goes. I was contemplating on this post since I rode the FX at Pedro Gil on my way home. And God knows how easy it would be for me to tongue-lash, in a sense, to my heart’s content, but still, I held back and put this down as tactful and, rigorously, as transcendental as it is.
Transcendental daw e no.
The reason I put this down is because I want to get it off my chest and teach something from my experience.
We got autographs from Asi Taulava btw! And we saw and heard Wycoco in a press conference kanina!

Hay… last OJT day tomorrow… I’ll miss it for sure. Mostly because of the people.
And there went more than one and one-fourth hour of typing on this post. :D


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