Thursday, May 26, 2005

We had a joyride kanina lang! We rode a tricycle from Solano all the way here to Bayombong, a municipality quite far from Solano. I was smiling and mentally swearing after smelling the wonderful scent of the rice fields wisped by the cool air. I was thinking while seated at the back of tricycle driver that "I'm sure I'll this same scene in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and in the rural areas in China, but probably in China the air will be cooler.

Hay, last night, or maybe the other night when the moon was full, I had the feeling that I should savor this moment, or every moment that I'm alive: the green of the grass under my sandals, the feel of the leaves on my right hand, the smell of the air, the sound from the neighbor's TV, the sound produced by gravel while I walk over them, just the whole experience of sensing everything knowing that after I die I will(may?) not be able to do all these again. Aside from that, these are all that my senses are feeding me, these things that I dont usually have the chance to feel back in Manila. Well, sure there are places that I can experience all these too but I know that everyplace has a feel unique to itself.

I was able to see Justine Shapiro again on Discovery Channel Travel and Living! Yehey! She's one of the hosts on the show that inspired me to take my present course, Journalism.
Hay... I know that there're a whole lot more that I can say about all these but I feel more like telling them live with someone, someone like you. Ahahahahahah! What Im I talking about.

I gotta go now and eat the Carbonara that one of my Mother's friends cooked just now. :D


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